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Apidone is a Dopamine antagonist. Because it does not readily enter the central nervous system, its effects are confined to the periphery and acts principally at the receptor in the chemo-receptor trigger zone. 

Stimulation of gut mobility: Non-ulcer dyspepsia, Esophageal reflux, reflux esophagitis and gastritis, Diabetic gastroparesis, Functional dyspepsia, Speeding barium transit in 'follow-through' radiological studies.

Preven-tion and symptomatic relief of acute nausea and vomiting from any cause including cytotoxic therapy, radio therapy and anti-parkinsonism therapy.

In the treatment of migraine.

The recommended oral dose for Adults: 10 - 20 mg every 4 - 8 hours daily. Children: 0.2 - 0.4 mg/kg every 4 - 8 hours daily.

Note: Apidone tablet and suspension should be taken 15 - 30 minutes before a meal. For acute nausea and vomiting, maximum period of treatment is 12 weeks. 

Domperidone may produce hyperprolactinemia (1.3% frequency). This may result in galactor-rhea, breast enlargement and soreness and reduced libido. Dry mouth (1.9%), thirst, headache (1.2%), nervousness, drowsiness (0.4%), diarrhea (0.2%), skin rash and itching (0.1%) may occur during treatment with Domperidome. Extra-pyramidal reactions are seen in 0.05% of patients in clinical studies. 

Apidone 10 mg tablet: Each box contains 10X10's tablet in blister pack.

Apidone Suspension: Each bottle contains 60 ml of suspension with a measuring spoon.