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Vitamin B Complex BP

Each 5 ml Adcovit syrup contains: Thiamine Hydrochloride BP 5 mg (Vit.B1), Riboflavin (as Riboflavin-5 Phosphate Sodium BP) 2 mg (Vit.B2), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride BP 2 mg (Vit.B6), Nicotinamide BP 20 mg 

Adcovit syrup is indicated for nutritional supplementation as a prophylactic and therapeutic agent against specific vitamin B deficiencies, either single or multiple. Adcovit syrup is also taken along with antibiotic or antitubercular drugs.

Adcovit Syrup- 2-3 teaspoonful daily or as directed by the physician.

Multivitamin preparation with ordinary doses of each component is usually nontoxic.

Each bottle containing 200 ml syrup with a measuring cup.