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Temoket 10 mg tablet: Each film coated tablet contains ketorolac tromethamine USP 10 mg.

Temoket (ketorolac) is indicated for the short term management of moderate to severe acute pain, Post operative pain, and Cancer pain, Pain of renal colic, Dental pain and ocular inflammation.

Tablet: 10 mg every 4-6 hourly. The maximum doses are 40 mg per day. For patient receiving Ketorolac Tromethamine injection and are converted to oral tablet, the total combined dose should not exceed 90 mg ( 60mg for elderly renal impaired patients and patients less than 50 kg) and the oral component should not exceed 40 mg on the day the chance of formulation is made. Patient should not be converted to oral treatment as soon as possible.

Commonly occurring side effects are nausea, vomiting, Gastrointestinal bleeding, Peptic ulcer, Pancreatitis, Anxiety, Drowsiness, Headache, Thirst, Malaise, Fatigue, Pruritis, Flushing bradychardia, Hypertension, Palpitation, Chest pain, Asthma, Pulmonary edema.

Temoket 10 mg tablet: Each box contains 3x10's tablet in blister pack.